Solar 4XS   All Season

  45,000 mile warranty

  Prices include mounting, balancing, road hazard, new valve stem (not TPMS), disposal of old tire, life time repair, 

  rotation and balance.    

       Size                   prices starting at

  175/70R13                   $54.00

  185/70R14                   $58.00

  195/70R14                   $60.00

  205/70R15                   $67.00

  175/65R14                   $57.00

  185/65R14                   $59.00

  215/65R16                   $78.00

  225/65R17                   $95.00

  185/60R15                   $64.00

  195/60R15                   $60.00

  215/60R16                   $70.00

  225/60R16                   $74.00

  215/60R17                   $86.00

  225/60R17                   $99.00

  205/55R16                   $69.00

  215/55R17                   $76.00

  225/55R17                   $91.00

  235/55R17                   $86.00

  205/50R16 HR             $72.00

  225/50R16 HR             $78.00

  Trail Guide AP All Season

  50,000 mile warranty

  Prices include mounting, balancing, road hazard, new valve stem (not TPMS), disposal of old tire, life time repair, rotation

  and balance.  Rotation and balance does not apply dually tires.     

         Size                          prices starting at

  LT215/85R16   10ply            $106.00

  LT225/75R16   10ply            $104.00

  LT245/75R16   10ply            $119.00

  LT265/75R16   10ply            $128.00

  P235/70R16                         $95.00

  P245/70R17                         $109.00

  P265/70R17                         $117.00

  P235/65R17                         $106.00

  P245/65R17                         $105.00

  LT31X10.5R15  6ply            $123.00

 Other All Seasons

  Prices include mounting, balancing, new valve stem (not TPMS), disposal of old tire, life time repair, rotation

  and balance.  There is a Mileage warranty if mileage listed. 

        Size                                                                                  prices starting at

  P265/75R15    TBC Wild Spirit Sport HT       50,000miles         $111.00

  205/60R15      TBC Hifly                                                            $61.00

  LT225/75R16  Advanta CLT  10ply                                           $95.00

  P235/75R16   Sumitomo Encounter HT                                    $113.00        

  P225/70R16   Americus CUV                                                    $98.00

  LT245/75R16  Advanta CLT  10ply                                           $108.00

  LT265/75R16  Advanta A/T  10ply                                            $118.00

  P265/70R16   Thunder R007                                                     $102.00

  LT265/70R17  Americus CLT  10ply                                          $118.00

  LT285/70R17  Master Craft LTR   10ply      40,000miles          $165.00

  215/65R17      Aspen Tour AS                      45,000miles          $83.00 

  235/60R17      Sumitomo Tour LXT              65,000miles          $108.00

  215/50R17      Sumic GFA                            45,000miles          $82.00

  225/50R17      Velozza                                 30,000miles           $87.00

  215/45R17      Velozza                                 40.000miles           $76.00

  225/50R18      Velozza                                 40,000miles           $99.00

  235/50R18      Velozza                                 30,000miles           $95.00

  275/55R20      Sutong Synergy                                                   $114.00


   *We have many other sizes in stock.  Please call for more information and availability.

                   Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Good Year, Dunlop, Continental, General, Bridgestone,

                                       Yokohama, Kumho, Pirelli, Mastercraft, Hankook, Falken, Carisle




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